Sunday, July 01, 2012

Why Paying Is Important

My teacher once shared with me why he doesn't like people to come and observe his taiji classes before they decide to join. Taiji is something that beginners can't really understand by just looking. By just looking, these people will not understand what is going on, and are unlikely to become interested enough to sign up. By making them pay for the classes, even if they cannot grasp much from the first lesson, because they have paid, they are unlikely to waste their money; they will thus continue to turn up at least for the remainder of the course run. Hopefully, by then, they would have grasp a bit more to become interested enough to continue the class. This is a bit of psychology that my teacher has picked up in the more than 40 years that he has been teaching taiji.

Anyway, the taiji classes at community centres are very competitively priced. The price for 10 lessons is similar to what you would actually pay for one session with a private taiji teacher. My suggestion? Just pay it, try it out for 10 lessons, and who knows, you may discover that taiji is what you have been looking for.

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