Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Strong Push From Practising Correctly

One of my teacher's students has recently started pushing hands training as well. He has been with my teacher for a few years already, practising taiji. The other day, when we were practising pushing hands, I came to appreciate that his push is actually rooted, not like the floating push that beginners usually have. Even some people who claim to have practised taiji also has this "floating push". But not my fellow student. His push was rooted, and I attribute this to his effort in practising correctly. By being diligent in his taiji practice and making sure that he practises correctly, he is able to move as a whole instead of relying on muscular strength. So while he may be a beginner in sensing his opponent's force, he is no stranger to applying his own force. It makes me remember my experience pushing hands with my teacher's assistant and once again reaffirms the importance of practising correctly.

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