Thursday, August 12, 2010

Enjoying the Practice

Everytime I see my wife's drum teacher teaching drums, I am reminded that it is important to enjoy what you are practising. He is totally enjoying his drum lessons. He enjoys what he does, running around teaching Japanese drums to students, organising Japanese drum performances and performing in front of a crowd with his students. He enjoys the drumming experience, seeking not to control it but rather to flow with it. And thus creates greatness (so great that he was even given the opportunity to perform with Kitaro in Singapore when Kitaro was here in 2010).

I guess I can learn from this. I have been trying very hard to control my movements, so much so that they become something other than the smoothness of taiji. Yin and yang no longer flow into one another, instead becoming abrupt, jerky transitions. Maybe it is time to just let go of correcting the movements and just go with the flow?