Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Learning From Injuries

Recently, due to more practice, my right knee has been a bit sore. I had thought it was because it is not used to moving so much, and didn't think too much about it.

Then, I pulled my left hamstring.

As I start thinking about these injuries, I realised they are probably related, and there is something to learn from them.

I pulled my hamstring because my right knee was too weak (after too much strenuous exercise) to push me up from 跌叉, causing me to overly exert strength on my left leg to get up.

In turn, my right knee is weak because it still feels sore.

And why does it feel sore?

Because I have not been able to properly relax my right kua, thereby placing undue stress on my right knee. As I practised with all these injuries, I finally realised what led to the other, and the root cause (right kua not properly relaxed).

So just because you are injured does not mean you should stop practising. Practise what you can, and who knows, you may just learn something from the injury too!