Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Linking Hands and Feet and Staying Rooted

After some time practising while focusing on linking my hands and feet (see here and here), I came to realise another small little thing. By focusing on linking my hands to my feet, and knowing how the force from each hand is linked to each foot, I become more aware of how the force is generated from the feet/legs. I become more aware of how my legs are supporting my weight, how they are shifting it from one side to another. I become more aware of my own balance. I have, in short, become more rooted. It is a small inkling but I guess it is also a small step towards becoming more self-aware, towards becoming more sensitive to force.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Learning From A Teacher

In the beginning, it is always important to have a teacher.

A teacher not only teaches you, but he also provides feedback. He points out your mistakes so that you know where to improve on. He paces out your learning for you so that you know where to focus on.

More importantly, he forces you to practise. By going to a teacher, you have to practise regularly (everytime you have classes). When left alone, man's laziness kicks in... and a lot of self-discipline is required to force yourself to practise, especially if the practise is tough. A teacher helps prevent laziness and prompts you to practise without the need for self-discipline. This helps in the initial stages when you still have not settled into your own cycle of practice.

Once you have found your own cycle for practice, once you have learnt the steps, once you know what to look out for (the common and uncommon mistakes), a teacher is no longer needed for further learning. You are then on your own. You are then your own teacher, prompting yourself to practise, watching for your own mistakes, setting your own pace for learning.