Sunday, June 16, 2013

Warm Up Exercise

This is the warm up routine that my teacher, Mr Kwek, usually does for this classes.

1)原地走 (walking on the spot, to loosen up the body)
2)大鹏展翅 (raising of arms front and back)
3)排肩 (tapping the shoulders)
4)转肩 (turning the shoulders)
5)伸手 (stretching out the hands)
6)转脚 (ankle rotation)
7)侧伸腰 (side stretch)
8)转膝盖 (knee rotation)
9)伸屈膝盖 (bending of knees)
10)弯腰压腿 (hamstring stretch)
11)半蹲 (half squats)
12)抱球 (rolling of a "ball")
13)踢脚 (front kick)
14)侧蹬 (side kick)
15)深呼吸 (deep breathing)

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