Sunday, June 02, 2013

8 Years and Going

It has been 8 years since I started learning taiji under Mr Kwek.

Looking back, I learnt the following:
Chen Style Old Frame First Routine 陈式老架一路
Chen Style Taijijian 陈式太极剑
Yang Style Taijiquan (Yang Style 108) 杨式太极拳 (杨式108)
Yang Style Fast Form (Dong Style Fast Form) 杨式快拳 (董式快拳)
Yang Style Taijijian 杨式太极剑
Yang Style Taijidao 杨式太极刀
Sun Style Taijiquan 孙式太极拳
Fixed stance single hand pushing hands 定步单推手
Fixed stance two hands pushing hands 定步双推手

I think I have enough to last me a while, for me to continue to practise and improve on them before I pick up anything new. Especially since I am spending less time than before on practice. I need to push myself to find time for practice. Cannot be lazy.

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