Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disappearing Force

Recently, I wrote about using my opponent's force. I then had the opportunity to talk to my teacher about it. My teacher then proceeded to demonstrate the same thing, yet what I felt was very different compared to when I was practising with my fellow student.

First, when my fellow student uses my force against me, it happens like this. When I push a bit, he would peng and it actually reminded me of aikiage from aikido. He would turn his arms slightly, and I can actually feel my arms being "locked" and my force being sent back all the way to my back leg. Then he would use his back leg to push and that would push me back.

For my teacher, I did not feel anything like that. When I push, it was as if my force was disappearing into a black hole. There is no slight turn of my teacher's arms, I don't feel my arms being locked or any force being sent back to my back leg. It was just as if all my force has disappeared. And then suddenly, it would all come back towards me and I will get pushed back.

My teacher went on to explain that the slight turning of the arm is a technique, but true use of taiji actually does not need to rely on that slight turning. Simply relax, then push. And I realised while practising my routine that it is something that I have already been doing, this "relax, then push" thingy. Relax, then use the front leg to push back so as to shift your weight back. Relax, then use the back leg to push so as to shift your weight in front. I have actually been doing this, and it remains to put this practice into use.

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