Monday, May 14, 2012

Using Elbows and Shoulders

Pushing hands is different from learning how to apply taiji moves. Pushing hands is about learn how to sense your opponent's force, about how to neutralise it and use his force against him. That is why in pushing hands, we do not play rough, we do not use some of the more dangerous moves like using the elbow or shoulders to hit.

It is not that I don't know how to use my elbows or shoulders, it is just that I choose not to during pushing hands. If my opponent is really rough, I do use my elbows and shoulders when I have to in order not to get hurt myself. But it is not an option that I choose when I am practising pushing hands. Because that is not the purpose of pushing hands.

We need to remember that our pushing hands partners are here for us to learn how to sense force, how to neutralise force, how to use a person's force against him. Our partners are not for us to abuse, not for us to try out the moves in taiji. Learning how to apply the moves in taiji should be something separate, though it is a required part of training. Abuse your partners at your own risk; you may be the one ending up injured.

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