Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Don't Grab (Again)

My teacher always likes to tell us that in pushing hands, we should not grab/grasp our opponent. Why? Because when we grab, we are using brute force. Taiji is about sticking to your opponent; if you can stick, you don't need to grab.

Some of my pushing hands partners like to grab. The other day, my forearms (especially around my wrist) were bruised and sore from them grabbing me. It reminded me again of what my teacher said: don't grab. Because everytime they grabbed me, I could feel the brute force, and I knew I could use it, but I didn't, because most of the time, they used a lot of force, so much so that it would have been dangerous to try to use such force against them. In the end, I thought that if they like to grab, I will let them grab. It is better for me to suffer a bit than for someone to get injured.

I grab too, but I grab my partner only when I don't want him to fall. When I push him and he loses balance, I will grab him so that he doesn't fall down. I would think that is an acceptable time to grab.

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