Sunday, August 16, 2009

Proposed Training Programme

Just a thought I have on how train from now on.

Basic foundation exercises 基本功 for 30min
Specific movements 单招练习 for 30min
Form/routine practice 套路练习 for 1hr

The first 30min is to build up a good foundation, to instill in the body the correct posture and requirements for taiji, to improve the movement of the joints, etc. This will include basic warmup exercises to increase flexibility, as well as silk reeling exercise.

The next 30min is to rectify and improve the execution of specific movements within a routine. This should help to get rid of bad habits and aid in application. An example will be continuous practice of Grasp Sparrow Tail (拦雀尾).

The last 1hr is to put into practise the principles of taiji, focusing more on the internal aspects such as staying relaxed, using the mind to lead the body, etc.

Comments? I will be happy to hear about how you train too, because I may be able to draw reference from that for my own training.


aiya said...

Just to share with you. Our teacher ever mention that the best way to practise is to pracitse the routine 3x.1st time is the warm up, thus it's best to keep it as easy-going as possible. 2nd round is the "serious" time, where it should be more 認真 as the 1st round and tried to drill every strokes thoroughly. 3rd round is the "correction" round. All mistakes made in 2nd round should tried to be corrected as this round.

so far...has yet to try out this method cause by 1.5 round..I have no strength to continue already.. :P

Shang Lee said...

how often do you plan to do this? if the goal is to keep up the practice everyday, 2 hours might be tough to keep up (unless you're already doing so. ;). might want a bit more flexibility in duration for each exercise and/or variation in exercise everyday e.g. foundation + form one day, specifics + form another day etc. just my 2 cents. good luck!

Teck said...

This post is just a thought on how I thought a 2-hr training session can be used. Of course, I am not that hardworking yet to do this everyday... though I should try to do this everyday. If I don't have time, I usually focus on 30min of basic foundation exercises.

Teck said...

Anyway, just to share the sequence of basic exercises (warmup) with those interested.


minubhai said...

hi, i more or less follow your plan for practise..
i usually end up practising for 1 1/2 - 2 hours everyday in the following order:
1. wuji
2. standing post
3. chi building exercises
4. silk reeling exercises
short 10 min break in which i do some basic stretches for the spine, the kua, hamstrings etc and lastly..
5. form practise

i was infact wondering how to intensify training but i think that may require to put in another couple of hours at the end of the day.

apparently grandmasters zhu tian cai's immersion programme in chen village expects you to be practising 6 hours a day !!!

btw nice blog.. i enjoy reading it.