Thursday, September 03, 2015

Slow Start

Since moving to Japan, things have been busy.

So busy that, for the month of August, I only managed to practise 16 hours of taiji, including:
15 sets of taijiquan (3 Chen, 6 Yang, 6 Sun)
14 sets of taijijian (7 Chen, 7 Yang)
13 sets of Yang taijidao

Compared to July 2015, when I practised 54 hours of taiji, including:
35 sets of taijiquan (5 Chen, 14 Yang, 16 Sun)
39 sets of taijijian (24 Chen, 15 Yang)
28 sets of Yang taijidao

The whole week of rain didn't help, especially since I have yet to find a place indoors to practise (I practise outdoors at the nearby park).

Hopefully, I pick up some kind of practice rhythm soon.


king said...

hi, i came across your blog, i am a singaporean like u, where can i learn the taiji u talk about? thks

Teck said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

My teacher, Master Kwek Lee Hwa, teaches at various places in Singapore all round the week. Here is the post on his teaching locations:

Most of his classes are at community centres, feel free to drop by for a look, or call the CC for details.

You can also visit his Facebook page, manned by a few of his students on his behalf, here:

If you are in Japan and wish to learn taiji, leave your email address and I will contact you.