Sunday, May 17, 2015

No Escaping The Master's Eyes

A master's eyes are a pair of trained eyes, able to see what others may miss.

Last week, I was pushing hands with someone who was very rough. He kept trying to pull me and make me fall forward. Once, I used his pull to move forward, get behind him, and turn around, causing him to fall forward instead. But instead of letting him fall flat on his face, I held on to his arm, keeping his face inches from the ground.

To the untrained eye, things would have happened too fast to catch what actually happened. After all, it was over in a split second. But not to the trained eye. My teacher saw it for what it was. He told me today, "If you had not held on to him, he would have fell." A simple sentence, but it told me that he had caught everything that happened, and knew exactly what was going on.

There is really no escaping from the master's eyes.


Kok Onn Kong said...

I chanced upon your blog and read about your experience in pushing hand. The post has been interesting and insightful. I have been learning from Mr Kwek for a while but never been able find time to join his pushing hand class. Hope to find time to join his class and practice more. Your post is definitely a motivation...

Wong Hohn Khew said...

Happy to see Taiji enthusiast from Singapore... Would have join if not because I stay too far (Boon Lay)