Saturday, May 31, 2014

Inkling: Panting Means Over-Exerting

If you ever end up panting while pushing hands, it means you are using too much strength. It means you are not relaxing. It means you are over-exerting yourself.

Stay relaxed, and even if things move fast, you will still be able to react to it with minimal force. Stay calm, and things will become clearer. And then you will be able to see just what you need to do in order to counter your opponent's moves.

I have came out of pushing hands sessions panting before. Now I know it was wrong. I was trying too hard not to be pushed, I was trying too hard to push back. When I stay calm, I can instead sense what my opponent is trying to do, and move accordingly to counter it with minimal force. And I can thus come out of the same session without panting anymore.

So if you realise that you are panting during pushing hands, it means you need to relax more.

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