Saturday, December 12, 2009

Push On or Let Go

One of the things that I wonder about all the time. Once you have managed to get in close to your opponent and think he can no longer ward off your attack, do you push on, or do you let go?

How do you know that you have really got him, if you don't push on? But what if you really got him? Do you need to push on and make him fall just to make a point? Or is it better to just let go, knowing that you have already gotten him?


Terry said...
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Terry said...

(Okay I'll try this comment again.)

Surely you can never truly be sure you've got him unless you do push on. There should be no embarrassment on his part, just a quick reset and off you go again.

If you're concerned about being polite, I wouldn't worry - you don't have to make him fly across the room to let him know he's gone. When I've pushed with more elderly teachers they let me know in no uncertain terms that I'm gone but they don't have to 'punk me' by putting me on my behind.

A player just needs to learn how to push without shoving.