Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yang, Chen and Sun

These are the three main styles that my teacher teaches. And thinking about it, these three complement each other very well.

Yang style is good for improving peng, lyu, ji, an, while Chen style is good for cai, lie, zou, kao. And Sun style is good for improving your footsteps. Master Yang style, and you have a solid defence. Master Chen style, and you can surprise your opponents. Master Sun style, and you will be able to spring that surprise from anywhere.


alexander said...

what about the wu and hao styles?

Teck said...

I am afraid I can't comment on those styles, since I don't really know much about them. My teacher knows both wu2 呉 and wu3 武 styles, but he seldom teaches them (unless someone specifically asks to learn them), preferring to focus on Yang, Chen and Sun.