Sunday, August 19, 2007


As martial artists, ethics is an important part of life. Being skilled in causing harm to people means that we are expected to carry ourselves in a different way, to be more demanding on our own behaviour. We should be pillars of morality. And one of the most important value when dealing with people is respect.

In the past, people have only one teacher. If they want to learn from another, they need to seek their teacher's permission, even if their teacher may not be as skilled as the other. A teacher is like a father, and you had to treat him as such.

Nowadays, this thinking has probably changed. People don't learn from a single teacher anymore. They switch teachers like they switch jobs. When they find someone better, they fly there like bees to honey. They start to forget who was the one who taught them the basics, who was the one who taught them to recognise what is good skill.

Respect your teachers. Respect those who have treated you well. If you don't respect those whom you have benefited from, others will not respect you as well.


Anonymous said...

well said,

see it the other way, should a teacher respect his students or juniors?

Only one or two masters i have met doesn't respect juniors and in the end it is a vicious circle.

Why should students/ juniors tolerate arrogance, insincerity and obnoxiousness just becos a master is highly skilled?


Reeling said...

Couldn't agree more on the issue of respect.

Nice blog :-)