Sunday, May 06, 2007

Moving Together

Recently, my teacher pointed out one of my mistakes to me, something which I had all along thought was correct. But it was actually wrong. In the past, I had thought that using my waist to move my arms meant something like swinging my arms using my waist (to put it in an extreme manner). When I turn right, my arms would then follow. Then, when I turn left, my arms continue to turn right for a while before following my body and changing direction to left.

But my teacher told me that this is wrong. When I turn my waist to the right, my arms should follow and move to the right. When I turn my body to the left, my arms should straight away follow and turn to the left. Otherwise, there will be a point in which my arms are moving right when my body starts to move left. This flattens the "balloon" formed by my arms and my body, weakening my peng and thus giving an opening to my opponent for him to move in.


Anonymous said...

Teck, don't you think there is a flaw to your logic? Take for example Diagonal Flying in yang style - the left hand is plucking towards the left rear whereas the right hand is turning with the waist to the right - does this not go against what you just wrote? :-)

Teck said...

Good point there, I was actually referring to drawing circles in general. Instead of swinging the arms around, where there is a lapse between the movement of the arm and the movement of the body/torso, it should be such that the arm follows the body without much of a lapse. But of course, in each movement, some of them have actions that have their own requirements, as you pointed out.